The Top 5 Tools for HVAC Technicians

The Top 5 Tools for HVAC Technicians

There are hundreds of tools and brand names out in the HVAC market. As a new HVAC contractor, it can be hard to decide what you actually need and what is just marketing propaganda. We have come up with the top 5 tools heating and air techs need to make their job easier and more efficient.

Digital Refrigeration Gauges with Temperature Probes

Today’s AC and Heat pumps are critically charged.  Digital refrigeration gauges allow you to easily calculate subcool and superheat; some gauge sets even let you save the session for future review.  This is a very useful feature for preventative maintenance.

Micron Gauge

A good vacuum of below 500 microns is a must on any refrigeration system.  Some manufacturers are asking for a micron reading of 250 microns or better!  A low micron reading signifies there is no moisture in the system.  Moisture is not something you want!

Vacuum Pump

A quality vacuum pump is the only way to achieve low micron readings of 500-250.  Even with a good pump, you must CHANGE THE OIL!  Moisture saturated oil will not allow the pump to work.

Digital Scales

Some units are charged by weight. Being able to add the correct trim charge by weight can cut out start-up time.  Weighing out the charge can help determine whether there may be a potential leak.

Nitrogen Regulator

A nitrogen regulator is a dual-purpose tool. On the one hand, it is used for brazing.  Low volume is bled through the system during the brazing process so oxidation does not form on the inside of the tubing. The second purpose is pressure. It also allows the technician to increase the pressure to 500 psi to leak-check the system.  Dry nitrogen also helps sweep moisture away during the evacuation process.

Some other tools worth mentioning that did not make our top 5 list are: Oxy/Acetylene Torch, True RMS Multimeter, Magnehelic Gauge, ECM Testers, Manometer, and Digital Thermometers.

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