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Bosch geothermal flow centers



Bosch Flow Centers are now available as pressurized, non-pressurized, and non-pressurized dual circuit. Our flow centers come with the quality you expect from Bosch, and are assembled and leak tested thoroughly. Additionally, all Bosch flow centers come with an industry leading 10 year limited warranty.

Bosch Flo-Link™ Pressurized Flow Centers

  • Flo-Link™ double O-Ring fittings eliminate the possibility of leaks and simplify installation
  • Front flush ports allow easy access during installation
  • Foam insulation stops condensation, and a high impact polystyrene cabinet prevents rust over time
  • Available with either die cast brass or composite valves
  • Offered with constant speed and variable speed pump options

Bosch Non-Pressurized Flow Centers

  • Utilizes a water column to provide the necessary suction head for the circulator pump, and to ensure a flooded pump volute
  • Comes equipped with a fluid reservoir (tank), flush and service valves, and one or more pumps housed in a foam-insulated cabinet
  • Includes a sealing cap to ensure a closed system while providing integrated pressure and vacuum relief to prevent the reservoir from being over-pressurized or dropping below atmospheric pressure
  • Available with single speed, three speed, and variable speed pumps to provide a variety of options for both the contractor and the system designer