Next Generation Sales Skills (Cincinnati)

COURSE # 006.024.0098

Acquire professional selling skills for a lifetime of achieving sales success. Sales Professionals must master the proven techniques of sales fundamentals for Next Generation Selling. Today, it’s no longer about the seller, it’s all about the customer. Learn and understand how selling benefits create the perception of value, as well as delivering a value story. Utilize a selling process for pre-call planning and be able to deliver a better message in a shorter amount of time. It’s all about asking the right questions, turning objections into buying signals and going for the close. You’ll learn all this and much more to develop the right sales culture for you and your sales team.

  • Customer Relationships
  • Unique Factors/Value-Added Services
  • Selling Benefits
  • Develop Your Value Story
  • Pre-Call Planning (5 A’s Selling Process)
  • Approach
  • Analysis 
  • Active Presentation
  • Answer Objectives
  • Always Be Closing
  • Follow Up/Keeping Your Customers

Class is taught by Bob Butler, Owner of Bob Butler Learning Systems.

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