2J Supply HVAC Distributors Headquarters
Address : 872 Valley St
City : Dayton, OH 45404-2066
Phone : (937) 223-0811
Fax : (937) 223-0812
Toll-free : (800) 228-1325
Hours : M-F: 7am-5pm
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Employee Bios


(937) 223-0811

My role with 2-J Supply is to do what it takes to help the customers grow their business and from doing that 2-J Supply will continue to have record breaking years. I hope that one day I will help enough of our customers grow their businesses that I will be able to help our employee’s future at 2-J Supply.”

Jason graduated with honors from Wright State University with a degree in Business Management. He is VICS and CPFR certified. He has also written an article for HARDI Magazine. Jason has been in this industry for 15 years, working his way from the bottom up. He has been in the warehouse, counter, purchasing, branch manager, and now territory manager positions. His favorite experience was with branch management, but he believes that time will tell with his newfound position. His favorite hobby is watching football – specifically the Chicago Bears and Ohio State Buckeyes. He likes to watch movies with his kids and always lets his wife pick the DVD. Some other hobbies include his kids’ sporting activities, his daughter’s play activities, spending time with his wife and doing whatever she tells him to do.

Frank Ferrarelli – Operations Manager


COO / President
(937) 223-0811

Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Wright State University. His favorite experience is helping customers and providing service at the industry’s highest standards. He is currently the VP of Inventory and Logistics. He enjoys being outdoors, hunting, sports, shooting, and running. However, his favorite hobby is keeping up with his three little ones. His favorite show would be Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network.