Hands-On A/C Basics (Columbus)

COURSE # 008.024.0096

  1. Basic Electric: It is a must! (voltage, amps, wire size & length)
  2. How to use your multi-meter to it’s best advantage
  3. Manual J Discussion
  4. Air duct sizing, Measuring Ductwork Static Pressure
  5. Brazing 101
  6. Vacuum Pumps/Reclaimer’s and their usage
  7. Superheat & Sub Cooling Refresher
  8. Air Conditioning: Operation, Charging & Troubleshooting
  9. Inverter (High SEER & DFS) Equipment: Operation, Charging & Troubleshooting

Class size limited to 20, due to the “Hands on Lab.” Class is taught by Dave Fisher, 2J Supply TSA.

This class will introduce and refresh the serving contractors to all the functions of the new digital gauges and meters. This class will provide testing stations and hands on demonstrations. This class will also demonstrate the causes and effect of improper brazing techniques, refrigerant system evacuation, refrigerant charging, static pressure, & CFM on the “high tech” Air Conditioning/Heat Pump equipment equipped with Micro Processors. Wrapping up with, 20 SEER, DFS, Mini Split and inverter compressor driven equipment.

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