Billboards: Are They Worth It?

A lot of people, especially small business owners, assume OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising is going the way of Yellow Pages. Who uses billboards that aren’t even digital these days? Not to mention, billboards are SO expensive it just can’t be worth it, right? Wrong! This is feedback I just received last week from a customer of ours in Columbus, Salmons Heating, and I quote “Last night we sold a complete PRO Series system. Customer said he saw the ad and got a number off their web page.” Wow, right? This is an extreme example of being able to directly tie results to an OOH advertising medium, but there are a few rules to follow to make your OOH ads, especially billboards, worth your while.

  1. Simple is better – The reason the homeowner in my example found our AirEase dealer was because the billboard in question (pictured above) had only ONE message. Make it easy. Find a dealer? OK, I will!
  2. Follow up – Ask your customers if anyone has mentioned the ad. This is the only way to know for sure a customer came from an OOH ad.
  3. Be careful when measuring results – Direct results are great. These are times the customer says “yes, I saw your ad here and called you.” However, don’t discount the indirect effect these ads can have on your brand. Just being “known” and recognizable in your area is going to elicit a trust that your company is reputable and although they may not need you that day, the next time the need arises they might remember your name even if they don’t know where they saw it.
  4. Choose your billboards wisely – There are different types of billboards and each range in pricing. Posters, Bulletins, Digital, Junior Posters and Wall Scapes just to name a few. Posters and bulletins are going to be your more affordable options. Make sure you ask about discounts on keeping your billboard up longer or adding boards to your package. Also make sure to ask about # of impressions you should get per board and if your board is illuminated at night if you’re going non-digital.

2J Supply uses Lamar Advertising for all their billboard needs. Their team is a great resource. Visit to get contact info.

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