Become a 2J Supply equipment customer

Available for Premium Brands

The quality equipment you receive as a dealer is just a small part of the dealer package! As a dealer of any of our four premium brands, you have access to extra support from 2J. Check out the tabs below to see what becoming a dealer could do for you and your business.

Dealer Perks

Become a dealer to have access to the 2J Marketing Support program. You could qualify for varying levels of marketing support based on your equipment sales.

We can help you with:

Business cards
Yard Signs
Service Agreements
Custom Website
So much more!

Grow your business with access to manufacturer lead generation programs. These programs are best for people looking to grow their business and get their name in the public eye!

As a dealer, your brand may offer you co-op funds! These funds can help you grow your business by covering a portion of your expenses for things like branded t-shirts, mailers, and yard signs.

As a dealer you are added to your brand’s dealer locator! Homeowners use these to search for contractors that sell the brands they are looking for.

Minimize your competition – as a dealer you don’t have to worry about same-brand competition setting up next door!

A TM is assigned to you to answer your questions, place orders, and mediate any marketing support you need. Each TM is trained on all the parts and equipment 2J offers; they are your best resource for 2J information!

Each brand offers special promotions to its dealers. In the past we have offered trips giveaways, rebates, and special discounts. Every year we add creative promotions that help you grow your business.

Get access to FREE customized literature! Add your logo and contact information to the literature of whichever brand you choose, completely free of cost.

Interested In Being a Dealer?