3 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Campaigns More Effective

Many of 2J Supply’s HVAC contractor customers use direct mail as an advertising medium. The reviews from companies are mixed across the board. Some rave at its usefulness, while others say they would never send another postcard. How can multiple companies using the same advertising methods get such different results? As with all marketing, there are many ways to approach direct mail and your consumers. It is not always WHAT you do, rather, HOW you do it.

To make your direct mail campaigns more effective there are some rules you will need to follow.

Consistency is Key. The companies that fail are the companies that dabble in direct mail here and there. Sending a postcard out once, or even twice, will produce minimal results. Touch your existing homeowners and prospects multiple times with direct mail. Will you get immediate phone calls the day your mailer hits mailboxes? Maybe. However, it is more likely you will get a call a few months later when their system breaks down. The key is getting your customers to see and remember you. There are many different mailing programs out there that automate this consistency for you. SmartLeads USA has a customer life cycle mailing program that will allow you to contact your homeowners year-round with relevant offers and messages. Click here to learn more about it.

Give Them a Reason to Call. “Happy Holidays” and “Thank You for Your Business” are great messages, but by themselves are not going to produce results. It is important to let your customers know you care, but supplement these messages with strong offers and relevant information. If it is prospects you are targeting, this becomes even more important. Your mailers should always have an offer of some kind, up to three offers maximum. This could be anything from a Free Inspection to a $1,500 rebate, or whatever offer you see fit. Just keep in mind, the offer must be good enough to get them to call you instead of the other company sitting in their mailbox, or the company they have been using for years. Another tip is telling them why you are contacting them. Have you recently done work in their neighborhood? Are you a new business looking to prove yourself? Have you added more technicians to service their area better? Customers like transparency, so this will stand out to them more than generic messaging.

Personalize. We all know personalization is king in the digital world. The world of traditional marketing is no different; the more you can personalize, the better. Use variable data so your postcard doesn’t just say “Hi, Homeowner” but instead it says “Hi, John Smith.” On the flip side, personalize your mailers with YOUR company information and photos. Do you have photos of your technicians or your trucks? If you don’t, get some! People want to feel like they “know” your company from seeing information about you, so the more personal you can make it, the better.

Follow these tips to help increase your direct mail program’s success.

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Elizabeth McKinney, 2J Supply Marketing Manager

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